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In this article 'How To Update Ubuntu Kernel' example is showed for Kernel 2.6.39-0.If you want to know list of Kernel releases for Ubuntu, then you should to go the site lake are List or Check Installed Linux Kernels. There you will be able to see Kernels for other Linux distributions also, but to see for Ubuntu, just scroll page down.Simply installing the new kernel package will handle everything for you.Most of the time, you want to go ahead and upgrade all of your packages, as it will mostly include bug fixes and security updates: is a virtual package provided by many real packages.Sometimes we upgrades packages accidentally which is not to update.It also happens during the full update or automatic packages upgrade process. For example, You need to exclude kernel, PHP, My SQL and Apache packages from getting updated while updating system via apt update.The location of update pages is specified in /etc/apt/(repositories).

Also, replacing the package by a newer version is usually not something we want for kernels.

This tutorial will help you find the answer of how to exclude packages from apt-get update? How to prevent packages from auto update using apt?

: Install is followed by one or more packages desired for installation.

I was also concerned with the kernel modules not being lost, but it seems Ubuntu doesn't have separate packages for kernel modules: ` dpkg --search /lib/modules/*` outputs only linux-image-3.0.27-1-ac100. Done Package linux-image is a virtual package provided by: ... E: Package 'linux-image' has no installation candidate, because I was afraid it could consume resources of my computer in the background, and also I was tired of constant update notifications, and wanted to get rid of them.

But if it's the way to upgrade the kernel, then I will install it back and try to carefully get rid only of the notification stuff.)I am using 10.04, so the menus might have changed.

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, which would also install the accompanying kernel modules for the new version of the kernel (the ones that are installed in the running system, so that the support for the hardware of this system is not lost in the case of the new kernel).

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