Raymond lam and charmaine sheh dating

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Raymond lam and charmaine sheh dating

After 14 years, she left TVB to develop her acting career in China and return in 2014 for a two-year contract with TVBC, a joint venture between TVB and China Media Capital (CMC) and Shanghai Media Group (SMG).Line Walker is her first series since her return, where Charmaine portrays as an undercover cop and was highly praised for her role as "Ding Siu Ka" (丁小嘉).TVB 42th Anniversary Award 2010: My favorite Female and Male character for their role as Princess Chui Yeung and Kingsley-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Both are contracted artists of TVB2) Both fave male actor is Chow Yuan Fat3) Both like Japanese food4) Both love kids5) Both starred in Yummy Yummy, LWOLAP, and DOL, and more to come6) They both have similar sunglasses!7) Uses the same make-up mirror thingy.8) Are both mature and intelligent people .9) Loves to joke and laugh.10) Loves to act in dramas and those inspirational series.11) Both have won TVB most favourite character awards12) Both don't mind the age of their partner (Raymond doesn't care if his gf is older than he is and Charmaine doesn't mind if her bf is younger)13) Their favorite animal is dog!English Name: Charmaine Sheh See Man Chinese Name: 佘 詩 曼Chinese Nickname : Ah Sheh Viet Name: Xa Thi Man Date Of Birth : 5/28/1975Zodiac : Rabbit Star Sign : Germine Height : 5'5"Vision : Normal Cloths' Size : Small Shoes' Size : 7 and a half House's Location : Kowloon Family Members : Mother and two brothers( a younger and one older)Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, German and English-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------English Name: Raymond Lam Chinese Name: Lam Fung 林峰Chinese Nick Name: Ah Fung, Viet Name: Lâm Phong Date Of Birth: December 8, 1979Blood Type: 0Height: 180cm Weight: 155lbs Family: Parents, brother (younger by 11 years), sister (younger by 6 years)Hobbies: Singing, dancing Talents: Singing, swimming Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Taiwanese-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Astro Awards 2009: Favorite On Screen Kiss Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh as Wah Zhen Pong and Wing Sau Fung in The Drive of Life5.Leathal Weapons Of Love And Passion filmed 2003 aired 20062. Singapore Star Hub Award 2010: Best Actress and Actor Award6.I get inspired when I read Charmaine and/or Raymond's interviews and their opinions on life as well as their past experiences.34) Both of them have thought about to go off screen ( quiting from the industry)35) Both of them have study overseas36) Good at acting37) Both use multiple phones38) Both have a secret sign that just they two know of39) Both cover their mouth when they laugh40) Both show their pearly whites when they smile41) TVB wants to promote both in mainland market!42) Both are talking about the same kissing scene from DOL43) Charm have never kiss a male like she did in DOL in real life, and ray have never been kiss like that in real life44) Charray often wear matching outfits (coincidental or not?

Annual Artiste Award 2006: Best Actress and Actor Award Gold3.Do you notice that Charm and Ray's upper lips are slimmer than the lower one, and both of them look so thinner these days due to filming so much (which is not good, especially for Charm, she should have more curves. Charm did say she will be filming another serie in April or something and then after that she will film a mainland production so that means the Drama charm will film in april/may is a TVB production.But I heard that people who looks like each other will make perfect couple for each other! Can't say that I was surprised that they won the Most Favourite Actor/Actress awards; I've always known that they were pretty popular in Singapore.Best Actress 2006 Maiden's Vow 2014 Line Walker My Favourite Female Character 2006 Maidens' Vow 2010 Can't Buy Me Love 2014 Line Walker My Favourite Television Characters 2000 Return of the Cuckoo 2001 Country Spirit 2003 Perish in the Name of Love 2004 War and Beauty My Favourite On-screen Partners (Drama) 2000 Return of the Cuckoo On October 1997, she signed on with the Hong Kong television network TVB after emerging as second runner-up in the 1997 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.The early stage of her career was often characterised by her coy, squeaky voice and criticisms of her acting skills.

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)45) Both prefer their love partner to be more traditional Chinese (not westernize)46) Both want to focus on their career and just want to date when they have time47) Both have acted in series where their characters died only twice; one time in ancient era and one time in modern era: Charm (ancient: Strike at Heart and modern: Seven Sisters) and Ray (ancient: Twins of Brother and modern: Heart of Greed)48) Both are proud owner of a dog.

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