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The man who understands those principles best will be least likely to resort to oppressive expedients, or sacrifice any particular class of citizens to the procurement of revenue." —Alexander Hamilton (1788) The Patriot Post is steadfast in our mission to extend Liberty to the next generation by advocating for individual rights and responsibilities, supporting the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and promoting free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values.

THE PUNCH' LIST t barely want to work with you.

I definitely don't want to have a beer with you. You do know every sentence doesn't have to start with, "When was at Princeton.

- The Boys: uncomfortably inbred-looking clones of Daddy, do nothings hanging around the trailer compound shooting whatever animals come around.

- Sissy: the smart one, got her AA in business at the community college, runs her own fashion boutique in the strip mall.

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Take away the money and privilege and you have: - Daddy, sitting on the front porch recliner, drinking a cheap beer, gut hanging out and a bad haircut, loudly bellowing about conspiracies, brown people and the goment.

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