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Obsessive compulsive personality disorder dating

When other problems arise, such as how obsessive compulsive traits affect relationships or the depth of desperation that overtakes the obsessive compulsive when something does go wrong, all other issues come back to this basic inability to love oneself.

Obsessive compulsives lack the automatic thought that they are worthwhile and important because they feel the love they have received is conditional.

Even in psychotherapy, the obsessive compulsive experiences such pain and shame over someone else seeing their tendencies before they see them for themselves that they often rush to beat the therapist to the punch when it comes to insights.As indicated above, they feel that they had to do things "right" or to "be good" or they would lose the love of their parents.This inability to experience an innate sense of self-worth makes the obsessive fend off disaster by proving their worth repeatedly.In fact, most of the time things go so right for someone who is obsessive compulsive that there really doesn't appear to be much wrong.Doing things "right" and being "good" leads to hard work and a job well-done.

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