Nymphomaniac dating transguy dating

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As an abused productive worker, the only possible sexual partners are abusive parasites.

The nymphomaniac has successfully learned her pro-State brainwashing very well.

Otherwise, he will use this information to control me." Unfortunately, parasites are very easily able to recognize "This woman is attracted to me, but is trying to conceal it!

"The parasites continue their scam, because the abused productive worker doesn't consider the possibility that someone would actually be that evil.

This means that the parasite has the upper hand, and may do as he pleases.

A parasite prefers to date women that he isn't really attracted to. The abused productive worker thinks "I must conceal my attraction to my potential partner.

In reality, he was playing people's emotions nearly perfectly.

The abusive manager had a high-paying financial industry job.

I used to think that a nymphomaniac was a parasitic personality type, because they're obviously doing something stupid.

That worked against me, because I was pointing out the boneheaded mistakes he was making, trying to help him.

I was trying to fix his mistakes, but he interpreted it as a challenge to his authority.

He was a parasite who had mastered his role very well.

He actually did a great job helping me crack my pro-State brainwashing, by being such an abusive jerk.

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That's like a pro-State troll who says "If only the right laws are passed, then the State would not be evil!