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This is can be the case when the heroes' actions or failures to act cause the situation to cross the threshold. For situations like this there's an Idiot Ball (or Idiot Plot) or Poor Communication Kills to thank for the dire mess of things.

Some plots center around Note that, as the Real Life section below attempts to show, using such options tends to create more problems; if the solution ultimately causes more/worse problems than you had before, you may have a case of Pyrrhic Victory. and Won the War, Lost the Peace can be related in larger-scale stories.

When circumstances are so dire as to justify the use of any and every thing that might solve it, no matter how reckless, nonsensical, or horrific, regardless of cost.

The powers that be have to use it, but it can't be done lightly without portraying them as either careless or cruel.

Every so often, the situation crosses the Godzilla Threshold.

When even the summoning of Godzilla, king of the monsters and patron saint of collateral damage, could not possibly make the crisis any worse.

Travi's hot, but you guys definitely take the cake." Travi is the singer for Gym Class Heroes; she did the song "Get Your Ass Back Home" with him.

Like how I do my covers, it's kind of cool to have the contract of two different flavors. I wrote it about a wonderful man who came into my life, and I come from a very dark place. Now I'm in a good place, and I've found a good person, and "Gold" kind of represents that. Of course, these only apply when the consequences are shown — if they pull it off without problems, you may have an Informed Flaw.Named for the films of the late 1980s and 1990s, where Godzilla was evil again (in contrast to his heroic characterizations during the '60s and '70s), but people were still happy to see him because he was usually fighting something far worse.Loki: How desperate are you, that you call on such lost creatures to defend you? Or the only ones left who are in a position to try and save the day are the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits who've been bumbling their way in the background the whole time. Once the Threshold is crossed, plan, with even the smallest possibility of success, no matter how ludicrous, dangerous or abhorrent, suddenly becomes a valid option. Suppose the heroes have an awesome weapon that nonetheless causes a lot of property damage, like a Kill Sat. Or one knows a Dangerous Forbidden Technique that will put their life at risk.

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"I really don't want to say her name, but she's not with us anymore," the singer said, calling the mystery woman "the most beautiful human being I've ever met." "She introduced me to ... "She's not with us now, but she's looking down upon us." Although the description suspiciously fits the profile of a certain former roommate, who invited Hitch to live with her when the younger singer was homeless, a source says the musicians never had a physical relationship. But he started it, and then me, Claude Kelley, and Benny got in the studio, and we were like, "Yo, this song could really work for me." So we formed it into the Neon style.