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Emma Watson has proven her passion for feminism countless times—whether that be through creating empowering short films, fighting for gender equality and against sexual assault, or transforming an iconic Disney princess into a body-positive role model.But rather than focusing on all the good she's done for women around the world, some have decided to shame the actress for taking part in a photo shoot and showing off a little under boob.Among those weighing in were his longtime allies and beneficiaries Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Kevin Smith and Judi Dench.They spoke up with a combination of disgust over his alleged behavior and remorse or defensiveness over their own business entanglements with him.

The producer, not charged with criminal offences despite a police investigation into his conduct two years ago, ­yesterday den­ied all allegations of non-consensual sex."This mistreatment of women has to stop." The producer worked with Watson in 2011 when she starred in his film My Week With Marilyn.In 2011, when she was 19, the pair were pictured leaving a dinner after the BAFTAs award ceremony.You are scum in a fancy dress." Karan's comments are a stark contrast to other A-list stars who have blasted the movie mogul, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Dame Judi Dench and Meryl Streep.The 65-year-old was fired Sunday by the Weinstein Co., the studio he co-founded, three days after a bombshell New York Times expose alleged decades of crude sexual behaviour on his part toward female employees and actresses, including Ashley Judd.

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Angelina, 42, said she had a “bad experience” with the producer while at a junket for his film Playing by Heart in 1998.

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