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The site is very attractive, user friendly and a genuine pleasure to use.

It has all of the features you would expect and even some you didn’t realise you needed yet!

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They can match you with a prospective partner with a similar or opposite personality than yours, it depends on what you have preferred.

Compatibility between prospective mates is expressed as percentage, i.e.

Summary In summary, like its sister sites, Dating Direct is a fantastic place to start your online dating adventure.

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The affinity test has around one hundred questions designed to explore your personality across 71 different psychological criteria, including your fundamental values, and your views on areas such as life, love, family and money."The report focuses on aspects of your personality that are particularly important when developing relationships, and is divided into three main sections:- The first section concentrates on your system of values.- The third section looks at your personality and the way in which you interact with others.