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3453 underground dating only 15 sold pdf

There is solution coming soon, but one they are going to hate.This "Executive Assassination Ring" Hit was ordered, and committed by my estranged psychopath nephew Shawn R.The coming war will be ON THEM, both nationally and globally. ARREST George "W" Bush on MURDER One charges for his ASSASSINATION or "Executive Priviledged" ORDERED HIT of Former MA.Asst Attorney General, Christopher Worthington's daughter, Christa, along with my extranged nephew Shawn Mulvey, as her ASSASSIN from The Presidential Executive Assassination Ring.

Bigtime DRUG Importer turned gum' mint Confidante, Tony Jackett. hc_location=ufi ) "On the afternoon of Sunday, January 6, 2002, during the third quarter of a post-season New England Patriots football game, the lifeless body of single mom, socialite and former fashion writer Christa Worthington was discovered on the kitchen floor of her Truro, Massachusetts home.

Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE In Festigator in Worthingto Gate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, MA AG, Martha Coakley and his boss Criminal Bureau Chief, Renee Du Puis (Now Judge Du PUis) to the lead and Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, which rounds out THEIR 'protection' staff for THEIR racketts.


Unlike with most crimes, police simply had too many suspects.

First on the list was the disgruntled ex-boyfriend and used book salesman who found the body.

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